Unbelievable hypocrisy

Having gloated on his blog that he was lovin it, a few days later, to rub salt in the wounds, he suggested Farnborough should have a live music venue, David Clifford has now posted on his blog the local community should hand over the money they have raised to save The Tumbledown Dick and cooperate with the local council, and at the same time inferring the money was raised under false pretences.

No-one can deny the Campaign to “save” the Tumble Down Dick was run with enthusiasm and dedication, and dare I say obsession by some. When you need to get something done, having a few obsessive people about is not unhelpful.

Some serious fundraising was done to raise the £m plus needed to buy and run the Tumble Down Dick. Public appeals were made, gigs were organised, and I am sure lots of money has been raised as a consequence given the public support claimed by the campaign.

Given this money is public money, it only right and proper, that there should be open and transparent accountability of this money. Three questions need to be addressed:

1. How much money in total has been raised?
2. Who is responsible for this money?
3. What are the plans for the use of this money?

I would also like to extend a serious and genuine invitation to the Campaign leadership to work with the local authority to pool resources and find a suitable location in Farnborough for a live music venue.

Let us put the past behind us, and look together to the future.

This is from a council and councillor that has done everything possible to undermine and denigrate the campaign and those involved to save The Tumbledown Dick, c 1720s and until its closure, a popular live music venue.

Willem Hallinan:

The FoTTTD worked hard to secure finance to resurrect the Tumbledown Dick. This was an outstanding achievement, but as you know it was totally undermined by yourself, cllrs Parker, Lyon and our own MP Gerald Howarth. These were the very people that were supposed to be representing Empress and the community, but were working against the community facilitating the McDonalds application. Most of what we had done was in pledges relating to the Tumbledown Dick but in part, due to your shameful activities that now has no value. Let hope it sees you booted out of Rushmoor at the next election!

Less we forget

  • council chief executive Andrew Lloyd could not restrain his delight when he learnt Fat Clown to buy the pub
  • Andrew Lloyd commissioned a shoddy report on the building from a consultancy that brags it delivers planning solutions for business
  • smear campaigns from the council, officials, councillors, trolls and Farnborough Society
  • refusal to comply with Freedom of Information requests
  • refusal to serve enforcement action to counter the wilful neglect
  • councillors and local member of parliament meet with Fat Clown to stitch up a dirty little deal behind the backs of the local community
  • same councillors and member of parliament refused to meet with local community
  • misleading information fed to the local press on deadline for objections
  • extremely biased agenda given to planning committee
  • council seeks legal advice to circumvent planning policies, legal advice no one has seen
  • councillors on planning committee show arrogant contempt to local community
  • planners blatantly lie to committee
  • chairman of planning committee brags that committee has passed plans he and a fellow committee member agreed with Fat Clown
  • local councillor gloats that The Tumbledown Dick is to be destroyed
  • council posts a pack of lies on their facebook page

Contrary to their own policy, council refused inspection of building prior to demolition. We do not know what vital historical information will be lost. The council should have written this into a s106 legal agreement with the Fat Clown. They failed to do so.

To grant planning permission for demolition was in itself contrary to council policy on locally listed buildings.

The local council has never had any interest in funding the arts. At a time when austerity is being used as the excuse for slash and burn of public services, the arts?

The local community is not accountable to the local council, it is the other way around.

Maybe the local council should answer all the Freedom of Information requests it has illegally refused to answer.

Maybe the council should make available in full the legal advice it claims to have received on circumventing planning policies, after all we paid for it.

Maybe the council should tell how much it has invested in the Vue Cinema.

Maybe the council should have a clean out of all the rotten apples.

Those who raised the funds, could not hand them over, as to do so would be contrary to why those funds were raised.

The only use now for those funds is a Judicial Review of how the planning was handled and a Judicial Review of the decision contrary to council policy to refuse a detailed examination of the building before it is demolished.

Maybe David Clifford, instead of poking his nose into matters that are not of his concern, should put his own house in order.

It may come as a surprise, but as a local councillor, it is David Clifford who is accountable to the local community, not the other way around.

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  1. keithpp Says:

    Destruction of The Tumbledown Dick

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