Triptych I (Eight for a Wish)

Triptych I (Eight for a Wish)

Triptych I (Eight for a Wish)

Released today, Triptych I (Eight for a Wish), is the first of the Triptych trilogy.

A beautiful, haunting album.

Supernova would be great at Guru, especially when sat across the road drinking a freddo cappuccino at patisserie amelie.

The three Triptych EPs are being released one at a time, and are comprised** of material Artemis wrote during Songaday 2012.

Songaday 2012, writing, recording and posting online a song every single day for the month of February.

** All except for one song, Candle and a Knife, on Triptych III, which was written during Songaday 2013

Artemis performed last winter with Daniel Berkman and Steve Lawson. Steve Lawson is releasing the tour as a multi-album set on memory stick and on bandcamp.

You can hear Steve Lawson on the last two tracks.

The cover art for Triptych I (Eight for a Wish) is a painting created by San Francisco artist Eden Gallanter, inspired by the song Supernova, which she heard the first time Artemis performed it live, at DNA Lounge in December 2012. It is well worth exploring more of Eden’s deeply intuitive art and science through her new Cheimonette Tarot deck at kickstarter. The deck includes a compilation CD of music inspired by the cards and Eden’s readings — songs from Meredith Yayanos, Jill Tracy, Unwoman, Mark Growden, Star St. Germain, Myrrh Larsen and Artemis.

The Triptych trilogy will be released as a series of limited edition albums January 2014. Triptych trilogy with three art prints is limited to five, of which only two left.

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