Appalling No 1 Bus service Farnborough to Aldershot

Another day, another day of appalling bad service from Stagecoach, another day of long wait in the cold.

1629 I see bus coming, I run to catch the bus, bus drives off. Luckily two more buses behind, a No 1 and a 401. Three buses in a convoy. All three almost empty. Luckily I was not at the stop earlier, else would have had a long wait in the cold.

During the summer, a driver shut the doors on a female as he tried to drive off as she was getting on the bus.

1810 I time my return from Aldershot, in order that not a long wait at bus stop. No bus.

1820 no bus.

1829 a clapped out double-decker. As bus leaves Aldershot, two buses in convoy coming into Aldershot, one a Goldline with Not in Service displayed.

What should have been minimal wait in the cold, over 20 minutes wait in the cold.

North Camp driver refuses to let a woman with a baby in a buggy on the bus. Says no room. Bus is nearly empty. She says she has been waiting in the cold for twenty minutes. Driver still refuses to let her on the bus. Tells her to wait for the next bus.

This is a route with disabled access, buggy access, why therefore is Stagecoach running clapped out double-decker buses that do not provide this access? In London, TfL is not running clapped out double-decker buses. Why is Stagecoach allowed to run these clapped out double-decker buses that are leaving vulnerable people stranded in the cold?

It is time Stagecoach got slapped with a few heavy fines.

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One Response to “Appalling No 1 Bus service Farnborough to Aldershot”

  1. denise yes (@carol_denise22) Says:

    yesterday one bus pulled away as i got to stop the next one that finally turned up was double decker so couldnt get on as i had a trolley waited ages for next bus hopping that wasnt going to be another double decker

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