Gerald Howarth: snouts in the trough

One little bit of information Gerald Howarth will not be sharing on his facebook page with is constituents, not that they’d be able to comment upon, or at least they would if he did not dislike them so much he has blocked comments, he has claimed £971-78 in expenses for gas and electricity to heat his second home.

Most people would question why he is claiming a single penny. Does he not get enough from his nice little side earners, such as a retainer from a pay-day loan company?

This at a time when for many, following the recent price hikes, when many are faced with a choice between heating and eating.

Maybe this is why politicians like Howarth do not give a toss about fuel price rises, as they do not have to pay them, we pay their fuel bills.

2 Responses to “Gerald Howarth: snouts in the trough”

  1. Robert Lindsay Says:

    Hey Mark, Gerald Howarth probably also isn’t telling his Aldershot constituents that he is now living, and registered to vote, in the pretty Suffolk village of Chelsworth, near me. So he’s representing people in Hants while living in the middle of East Anglia. Is that his second or third home?

  2. Robert Lindsay Says:

    Sorry Keith, called you Mark for some reason.

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