Bride Hall show scant disregard for public safety

Bride Hall's dangerous fencing unlawfully blocking public right of way

Bride Hall’s dangerous fencing unlawfully blocking public right of way

During the summer, greedy developer Bride Hall erected a fence around Firgrove Green, a crude attempt to stop the local community from using what until then had been public open space.

They also in doing so, unlawfully blocked for several days a local much used footpath, a public right of way. People were forced to walk around the green, on a crowded footpath, with constant danger of being pushed into the traffic on a busy road junction.

Bride Hall have now applied for permanent closure of this footpath. Something to which people must object to force a Public Inquiry.

The erection of the fencing was a shoddy affair, clearly not safe. Such was the concern of a local scaffolder, that he contacted the Health and Safety Executive to voice his concerns.

In the lead up to St Jude, the storm that hit southern England in the early hours of Monday morning, warnings were issued to secure everything that needed to be secure.

What did cowboys Bride Hall do? Er, nothing.

With the net result, the fencing has come down and is now unlawfully blocking the public right of way. Had this corrugated sheeting come down on a small child walking along the footpath, they would have been seriously injured, if not killed.

It is for Hampshire, as the Highways Authority, to take immediate action to ensure this unlawful blockage is cleared. Though it is accepted they may for a few days have their hands tied dealing with fallen trees.

It is for HSE to prosecute Bride Hall. But for the grace of God, no one, as far as we know, was injured or killed.

Has Bride Hall referred themselves to HSE, as required to by law?

Has Bride Hall cleared the unlawfully blocked highway, rendered the area safe? As of nightfall, no, even though they have been made fully aware of the dangers by both the Council and the local community.

These dangerous incidents involving developers are nothing new in Farnborough, where the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor turns a convenient blind eye.

A decade ago, when the old Post Office in Queensmead was demolished, the site was left for years enclosed by a rickety fence of corrugated sheet metal panels. These regularly used to blow across Queensmead and smash into the plate glass windows of Boots Optician.  It is a wonder no one was killed or seriously injured.

When Princess Mead was demolished, a fence shoulder height, was the only protection to passers by. People were hit on the head with flying debris, had dust in their eyes.

When the northern half of Queensmead was demolished, two people came close to be killed. One narrowly missed being impaled in the head by red hot, with razor sharp ends, length of concrete steel reinforcing rod. Another person was lucky not to be killed when a multi-story wall, the back end of a building, was toppled at her feet. No attempt had been made to cordon off the back service road along which she was walking. She was found standing paralysed, screaming hysterically, they tried to kill me, the tried to kill me. For weeks she had nightmares.

The site was surrounded by a rickety shoulder-high fence, in parts held up by being tied to saplings with electric cables.

No attempt was made to remove asbestos before the work began. The town centre was coated with asbestos dust.

The site should have had scaffolding, with netting erected, the buildings demolished by hand. A rickety fence, the buildings demolished by large diggers, as though on a remote factory site, not a town centre.

When the garages were demolished at Firgrove Court, the asbestos roofs were broken up, and dumped in a skip, no attempt at hazardous material removal. Asbestos dust and fragments of asbestos sheeting was blowing everywhere.

It is amazing no one one killed. Two people came very close to being killed. It is a moot point how many will die lingering painful deaths as a result of the asbestos contamination. And probably not even realise why.

HSE was aware of what was going on. They did nothing. The female in her twenties, who was nearly killed, they could not even be bothered to interview her and take a statement.

The site should have been closed down, St Modwen front-company Kuwaiti-financed KPI prosecuted.

Note: Photo courtesy Lu Pud.

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