Robbery at Guildford Station





Tuesday lunchtime, on Guildford Station, a youth in a grey hoodie, decided to order something from the little Xpress coffee kiosk and walk off without paying.

He probably thought he could get away with it. He did not take account of the oriental girl (Thai or Filipino) running the kiosk.

She shot out of the kiosk, chased him into the waiting room behind the kiosk.

Fearing for her safety, I followed on her heels, to find her haranguing the guy, demanding he pay her. He was swigging from a beer can, and ignored her.

I advised her to back off, and her and colleague to call the Police, and said I would go and talk to the station staff, and ask they called in station security and the British Transport Police.

We had ten minutes before a train pulled in, or at least before it left.

As I spoke with the station staff, I could see grey-hoodie was now out of the waiting room, on the platform, smoking and spitting on the platform.

As I headed back, I met the oriental girl heading my way. I said we needed to go back onto the platform, keep an eye on grey-hoodie.

Now there was a member of station staff on the platform. He ordered grey-hoodie to stop smoking (he had lit up another cigarette). I said, I was worried he would escape on the in-coming train, as no sign of police or security. He said no, if necessary, they would hold the train.

Photos taken of grey-hoodie, though I hope also recorded on CCTV.

Talking to the girl, who was slim and five foot in height at best, I said what she did was very brave and I was very impressed, but also maybe foolish as she had put herself at great risk.

Her response was, if I had let him get away with it, he would have tried it again.

The very least, she deserves a commendation for her action.

By the time the train pulled in, 1325 slow train Farncombe, Godalming then onto Haslemere and possibly Portsmouth, there was many people on the platform. Not a single one went to this plucky girl’s aid.

As the train pulled in, several police officers turned up. They spoke to me, I had boarded the train, as the doors were about to close and the train ready to leave. They asked to interview me. I said no, I said I had taken pictures, the girl had my contact details, please speak to her.

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2 Responses to “Robbery at Guildford Station”

  1. C Says:

    Hi there – great blog. Just wanted to say thank you and well done for looking after the shop keeper and being a good citizen! Also, the young lady still works in the kiosk and she smiles at me everyday (when I get that damn slow train to Farncombe)!

  2. keithpp Says:

    I must pop by and say hello to her.

    I never saw her again. I used to look as we had agreed to go for a drink or a meal.

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