Shadow Lives

Shadow Lives

Shadow Lives

Victoria Brittain signing Shadow Lives

Victoria Brittain signing Shadow Lives

Amnesty International talk by Victoria Brittain, part of the Guildford Book Festival.

I have to say I found this talk a grave disappointment. There was much that could have been challenged that was not.

Victoria Brittain is a war correspondent, she has covered the Vietnam War, Congo, Middle East. For her, the war on terror was a game changer, like the Vietnam War.

She was asked to interview families of detainees of Guantanamo for a play at the Tricycle Theatre. From these interviews grew a book, Shadow Lives.

All a bit one-sided, clearly her sympathies lay with the families, but then the same would apply if time was spent with the families of serial killers. But as she her self-posed the question, but did not then answer: What of the victims?

We had Communists as the enemy, is this now true of Islam?

Alimentation, but who alienates who? Is the West alienating Islam, or is it Islam aliantinting the West.

If you live in a country, it is reasonable to comply with the customs and practices of that society, not take advantage, then demand rights, then scream persecution. Even more so when you are an uninvited visitor.

She spoke of the women in the families being very strong, the children, if they were girls, being achievers. But then as one questioner rightly pointed out, girls get married off at ten years old. Arranged marriages, rape under any other name.

She had no problem giving this talk before a group in Guildford. Quite another matter in the US, especially if at a mosque.

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