Afternoon in Godalming evening in Guildford

Godalming Parish Church Bible

Godalming Parish Church Bible

A dull wet day, but warm. In the afternoon, sun comes out.

At Guildford Station, grey-hoodie fails to pay for what ever he ordered at the Xpress Cafe. Oriental girl chases after him.

Very cold inside Godalming Parish Church. Candle lit for Annie. I do not like to, but use flash on old Bible.

Excellent lunch at Café Mila. Delicious vegetable soup, followed by stuffed mushroom, followed by coffee cake.

Bus to Guilford. Annoyed to find I do not have on me a bus pass, hopefully I have not lost it. £3-90 Godalming to Guildford. It probably would have been cheaper to have got the train (which I occasionally do), but the bus went from where I was, and dropped me off in Guildford where I wanted to be (outside The Keystone).

Note: Pleased to find I had my bus pass when I arrived home.

Dinner at The Keystone. Even by the abysmal standards of The Keystone, the service was poor.

Amnesty International talk was not very interesting. Something of a disappointment.

Problem is I need to be in three places at once.

I pop back to see a couple of people in The Keystone, say I am off to Harris + Hoole, and will be back.

Live music at Harris + Hoole. I thought I would cacth last half hour. Thunder and lightning, it pours down. I arrive at 9 o’clock.

Back to The Keystone, flooded everywhere.

Luckily I get a lift home, it has stopped raining, but huge puddles.


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