Day in Guildford

I was in Guildford for a talk on Victorian London by Judith Flanders, part of the Guildford Book Festival. I thought it may be interesting, it proved to be fascinating.

The talk took place in the Electric Theatre. I am pleased that they seem to have finally woken up to the fact we are in the 21st century, and relaxed their ridiculous rule on No Photography, it is now No Flash Photography, which is reasonable.

Why is the Electric Theatre promoting tea pigs? Not quality tea, and owned by Indian conglomerate Tata. There are far superior alternatives.

Interesting chat with a couple of the Book Festival volunteers, though for the life of me, cannot see what purpose they serve, other than manning the One Tree book stall when the owner goes off for a break.

Lunch in a little coffee shop Offino’s down a side street, more a dead end alley, off the High Street. I learnt all about wedding planning from a charming blonde called Isabell.

The coffee shop had lovely paintings of Guildford by a local artist.

Wondering up the High Street, passed by an art gallery, which had stunning, modern impressionist painting by Sherree Valentine Daines. I shall have to go back. Also a fantastic book of her paintings, but a hefty price tag of £65.

Chatting in the Oxfam bookshop, an hour after it had closed, to an interesting Palestinian guy. On many things Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist, religion, synchronicity, Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red ….

I picked up The Alchemist, its spine had been faded in such a way, it actually enhanced the book.

I mentioned to the guy I was talking to, special limited edition of The Alchemist and The Pilgrimage to mark 25th Anniversary. A very special luxury hard back signed edition.

Too late for anything, other than cappuccino in Harris + Hoole. Long chat with Jess, there until an hour or so after closing.


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