South Bank Food Market

South Bank Food Market

South Bank Food Market

Bean About Town coffee

Bean About Town coffee



Bean About Town coffee

Bean About Town coffee

Rows of stalls, more a food market than a farmers market, more ethnic than native.

A very wide variety, from cooked food to cheeses, to cakes, to coffee.

Not cheap, but then quality food is not cheap. Though the main reason not cheap is the very high price that is being charged for the pitches.

I had a chat with the guy with the coffee Bean About Town. He was French and had little English. I wanted to know why they did not sell coffee beans and ground coffee. He did not know, and said he had only started that day, and would have to talk to his manager. This defeated the whole philosophy of a food market, the producers know their food and drinks as they are the producers.

The South Bank Food Market, is a weekly three-day market, Friday-Sunday.

Begs the question: Why do people eat disgusting food from McDonald’s, when if they walked around, opened their eyes, they would find their is quality food available.

I would have grabbed something to eat, it was a pleasant day, but I was on my way to Food for Thought in Covent Garden.


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