Late Lunch at Food for Thought

soup and salad

soup and salad

delicious food

delicious food



I thought, as it was mid-afternoon, Food for Thought may be quiet. No such luck, it was packed.

A group of ignorant Australians walked past everyone, bagged an empty table, then pushed in to order their food. I pointed out, order your food, then find a table. They told me they could do as they liked.

The reason they have this sytem is because Food for Thought is very small. Order and pay for your food, then hope for a table.

Spinach, courgette and dill soup with a salad. I added a slice of bread and butter.

The spinach was overdone and made it very strong tasting.

For desert scrunch together with a pot of tea.

On the wall, paintings by Meredith Owen inspired by a trans-Siberian journey. The paintings could have been larger and when will artists learn not to hide behind glass.

I was sat next to an artist. He agreed, put behind glass, and all you see are reflections.

I picked up two copies of the book Food for Thought.

Food for Thought, a vegetarian restaurant in Neal Street, just north of Covent Garden Tube Station.

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