Afternoon in Guildford

sand sculpture dog

sand sculpture dog

sand sculpture dog

sand sculpture dog

A pleasant change to last week, when it was cold and wet and heavy rain. Today, pleasantly mild.

I have seen sand sculptures on a beach, but never in Guildford High Street. I thought it was a street beggar with a couple of dogs on a string. I do not know why, but they always have dogs on a piece of string. Unless they are Romanians or Albanians, then it is a small child. But no, it was not a couple of dogs, it was an amazing sand sculpture. I had a chat with the guy, and he told me it had taken him six hours. It was only later, I thought he ought to be asked to exhibit in Guildford House.

Speaking to the Tourist Information Office, who do not miss a trick, indeed if you wish to know what is going on in Guildford, these are the people to talk to, they said he had done quite well in the money he had collected. I thought he had not done very well, but they said no, he kept removing the money, so it did not look as though he was not making much. As I said, they do not miss a trick.

Last week, I missed lunch at the Guildford Institute as I got trapped in the rain. Today, I arrived in Guildford too late.

Lunch in the Thai restaurant. I made the mistake of having a bowl of soup, a very large bowl of soup.

Coffee Charisma is a little coffee stall on the market in North Street, blink and you miss it.

Last week I noticed Holy Trinity was open all day. It was again today. An excellent change of policy if it is going to be open all day. It may though be, because they have an art exhibition, part of Holy Trinity 250. Sadly not worth the effort of visiting.

There is a talk on the Georgian history of Holy Trinity on Saturday. But at a a very strange time, 11am.

I noticed sung evensong at 5-30pm, with Guildford Cathedral Choir. I would have liked to have gone, but never made it.

Cappuccino at Harris + Hoole. Always excellent coffee, but sadly very noisy. And substantial ownership by Tesco.

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