Cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato

Caffe Macchiato

Caffe Macchiato

Caffe Macchiato is one of the rare places in Aldershot where it is possible to get a decent cup of coffee, possibly the only place. Indeed, I am at a loss why anyone goes in Costa, when a short walk up the road and you can get a decent cup of coffee. Lazinesses, crass stupidity?

Today it was pleasantly warm, and possibly possible to sit outside. Of an evening it is pleasant to sit outside, but annoying that cars are allowed into what is a pedestrianised street and annoying the smokers.

Inside, original art on the walls.

Occasional live music.

From the outside, Caffe Macchiato is a very attractive building. If they can look after their building, why cannot everyone else in the street? If everyone else in the street looked after their building, think what an attractive street it would be? If we had a street of interesting establishments, independent, like Caffe Macchiato, instead of tacky fast food outlets like McDonald’s and KFC, mobile phone shops, loan sharks, think what an attractive place Aldershot could be to visit?

But sadly whilst we have cretins as councillors, lacking in vision, Aldershot will only continue to go downhill.

Yet another retailer is closing down. Paul’s Copy Shop will close next week.

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One Response to “Cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato”

  1. Koff Says:

    Always unfortunate when local businesses close down but I can’t say I’m either surprised or even sorry for the closure of Paul’s Printing; the service was always abysmal, the production quality poor and the prices too high. Sometimes it’s the fault of the outfits themselves when they end up biting the dust.

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