Sparks album deluxe box set

Sparks deluxe box set

Sparks deluxe box set

Sparks deluxe box set contents

Sparks deluxe box set contents

It was the only way I could fit in the whole story of what’s been going on these past 2 1/2 years. There will only 2,500 ever made. — Imogen Heap

Sparks, aka HeapSongs, is the latest album from Imogen Heap, two years or more in the making, due for early release next year.

Because so much has gone into making Sparks, that cannot be conveyed in a conventional album, even with a 24-page glossy booklet, Immi has decided to release as a limited edition box set with a very special price.

Sparks deluxe box set contents

Sparks deluxe box set contents

Within the box …

Each track, will have its own DVD data disc. On this disc, studio quality audio, plus music video, plus mini documentary of the making of, plus 16-page booklet.

A conventional audio CD.

A double vinyl LP.

A DVD of the making of the album.

A 100 plus page hardback book documenting the making of the album.

Immi could make this many more pages. I have suggested to her she also publishes an e-book on LeanPub.

A ticket to admit to sound check at one of her gigs when she goes on tour next year.

Cards, which when held to an on-line camera, will admit to secret part of website.

The deluxe box set is a limited edition of 2,500, with a hefty price tag of £200 each, but Imogen will only break even when 1,800 sold.

The first one hundred deluxe box sets sold, invite to party at her house. Where you can pick up your own personal deluxe box set in advance of official release. These have already been sold.

For many people this is going to be way out of their price range, and yet they may like the idea of having studio quality sound, which is not available on a CD.

I therefore have the following ideas …

Follow the example of Steve Lawson. He decided to release all the music from a recent US tour. He did not like a Best of Album, as he thought all the material was worth releasing, on the other hand, to release a dozen albums was not practicable. He decided to release on a memory stick, in a presentation box, together with liner notes.

The individual albums are also available on bandcamp for download.

Sparks could be on a memory stick, limited edition presentation box.

Sparks could be on bandcamp.

Bandcamp, could be used to promote the other two.

There is now also a Sparks Deluxe blog showing the creative effort going in the deluxe box set as it is produced.

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