Music Venue for Farnborough?

Having closed the post on the Tumble Down Dick as the comments were getting repetitive, I am keen to move the debate onward not backward. One thing that was evident was the disappointment in losing a live band venue.

I am 150% in favour of a live music venue in Farnborough, and would welcome feedback and ideas as to how we accomplish such a worthy aspiration for the town.

It would be good to have a cultural venue for music and other arts etc in a location with good access and easy parking. Could the Community Center be expanded, or rebuilt? Is there room for a new build in the area, if so where? What other options are there?

The Council has no current plans – this is just a local Councillor considering what options would be of interest.

Is there interest?

— David Clifford, Rotten Borough of Rushmoor

Having wiped everyone’s nose in the dirt, gloated over the destruction of The Tumbledown Dick a c1720s popular live music venue, for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s, alienated almost everyone in Farnborough, David Clifford now posts on his blog the question: Is anyone interested in a live music venue in Farnborough?

A slight case of having taken the piss, now rubbing salt in the wound.

We had a live music venue, The Tumbledown Dick, until it closed.

We had a suitable building, The Tumbledown Dick, until last week the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor granted planning consent for its demolition for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s.

We had a massive campaign, to object to McDonald’s, to offer The Tumbledown Dick to the local community to buy, as a commuity run live music venue.

And yet, David Clifford asks is there a local interest in a live music venue?

Yes, we had a live music venue, it was called The Tumbledown Dick.

But clueless councillors who seem to act for no one but themselves and Big Business decided to demolish it for an unwanted Drive-Thru McDonald’s.

Instead of a community run cultural arts centre and live music venue, that would have put on a range of music, during the day served quality food, high quality coffee, at night a range of local beers, supported local businesses, recycled money within the local economy; we will have a Drive-Thru McDonald’s, 65 de-skilled, part-time, low-paid, zero-hours jobs, traffic congestion, litter, obesity, money drained out of the economy, unhealthy fat-laden over-processed junk food, draining of money out of the local economy, externalisation of many of the costs to the local and national economy.

Having seen a local Gerald Ratner in action, gloating over a crass planning decision that was bad for the town, we are now seeing salt rubbed into the wound.

We have had a decade of bad planning decisions, which as a result we have a town centre few wish to visit.

In the last year alone:

Comments may now be blocked on destruction of The Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s (it does not do to be seen out of touch when you claim to represent the local community), but luckily comments may now be made elsewhere.

To return to the original question: Yes we do want a live music venue in Farnborough, and it is called The Tumbledown Dick.

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