Lunch at Café Mila

tomato and red pepper soup

tomato and red pepper soup

falafel and pita bread

falafel and pita bread



Excellent tomato and red pepper soup.

What to have next? Although I was earlier than usual, most of the main courses had gone. I decided to have falafel and pita bread. I was not sure if I would like it, as the falafel is excellent at The Barn in Farnham, and that is a hard act to follow. But I need not have worried, it was good.

I was thirsty. I decided I would have a zinger and tea. A strange choice and a mistake. The zinger was excellent, but I should not have had tea as well.

I would have popped back for afternoon tea and a cake, but on my way, I passed the new cake cum coffee shop in Church Street. I thought I would give it a try, even though I am no great fan of cup cakes (they had little else) and the cakes at cafe Mila looked delicious.

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