Ed & Ralph Miliband v Daily Mail (who said “Hurrah for Blackshirts”) – David Cameron’s father Ian was a tax dodger!



I’ve contributed to the debate on the row between Ed Miliband and the Daily Mail, over the Mail’s vicious attacks on “Red Ed” and his late Marxist father Ralph Miliband, claiming Ralph hated this country although he fled to Britain to escape the Nazis – who, ironically, the Daily Mail supported!

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5 Responses to “Ed & Ralph Miliband v Daily Mail (who said “Hurrah for Blackshirts”) – David Cameron’s father Ian was a tax dodger!”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Daily Mail accuses Jesus’ Father of hating Britain

    Protest: The Daily Mail Hates Britain

    Ed & Ralph Miliband v Daily Mail (who said “Hurrah for Blackshirts”) – David Cameron’s father Ian was a tax dodger!

    Be prepared: The right are preparing all-out war

    Alastair Campbell Petitions Daily Mail Editor Paul Dacre To Live TV Debate

  2. keithpp Says:

  3. keithpp Says:
  4. keithpp Says:

  5. thatcheroftheleft Says:

    Thanks for reposting my blog entry on Ralph Miliband’s demonisation by the Daily Mail and David Cameron’s late father Ian’s tax avoidance. As it happens, it’s become the most accessed page at my site’s new location (at http://thatcheroftheleft.me.uk) since I moved my blog there on May Day (1 May).

    This is partly because Cameron’s pal (and Tory campaigner at the last election) Gary Barlow has been found guilty of “aggressive tax avoidance” and ordered to pay £20 million (along with 2 former Take That bandmates – this figure possibly includes their manager) to the UK Treasury.

    I’ve written a new blog entry on this, with a comment focussing on Amazon’s tax avoidance that has also just been revealed, paying 1,000th of their UK revenues to the Treasury (taking advantage of their HQ being in Luxembourg) at http://thatcheroftheleft.me.uk/2014/05/11/camerons-jimmy-carr-gary-barlow-hypocrisy-can-tax-avoidance-be-stopped-under-capitalism/

    Whereas Cameron condemned anti-government comedian Jimmy Carr immediately while on holiday (and Carr paid the tax immediately), he failed to condemn Barlow even when found guilty – until the pressure got to him and he did so on TV this morning. This makes a lot of sense, bearing in mind the situation regarding Ian Cameron, with him getting £300,000 in inheritance (according to http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2012/apr/20/cameron-family-tax-havens).

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