Paulo Coelho saved my life

Have you read those books, asked a Hungarian girl working as a Czech tour guide, pointing to several Paulo Coelho books I had with me to give to a friend.

Yes, I replied.

She then told me her story, that reading The Alchemist had changed her life.

Within a few days of reading The Alchemist, she met Paulo Coelho at a booksigning in 2006 or 2007.

She then packed two suitcases, and headed to Canada to start a new life.

She has learnt to read signs, to understand synchronicity, has been greatly influenced by Paulo Coelho. In turn, she has passed on what she has learnt and influenced many other people.

She was interested in Manuscript Found in Accra, which was new to her. As was Aleph.

She asked that I thank Paulo Coelho for having such a positive influence on her life.

I said I would pass on her thanks, only I would go one better, I would write her story, and pass that to Paulo Coelho with her thanks.

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