Freddo cappuccino at Guru



I do not know what this was, but the one thing it was not, was freddo cappuccino.

It took ten minutes or more to serve, and Guru was not exactly busy. Busy and Guru are two mutually exclusive ideas.

When eventually served, I thought, WTF. Whatever it was, it was not freddo cappuccino.

I took one tenative sip. It was disgusting.

Maybe it was meant to be a joke.

If anyone thought coffee could not be worse than Starbucks or Costa, then try coffee served at Guru.

The music was pretty awful too. A moronic thud, thud, thud. I was getting a very bad headache.

I walked out. Luckily excellent coffee shop patisserie amelie is across the road. I thought I was too late, but no, as a regular, they served me.

I asked them to guess what I had been served at Guru. The best they could come up with was a cocktail,


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