Nicolas Tavern

chicken soup

chicken soup

Greek side salad

Greek side salad

For starter, excellent chicken soup, far better than the chicken soup at Marcello’s a couple of days ago.

I had sea bass. I had sea bass last May, which I enjoyed. This time I did not though much enjoy it. There must be a nack to eating the fish, I made mess of it.

Others had grilled salmon and kleftico, which they said was good.

As the vegetables are never very good, a Greek side salad, which was excellent, far better than the side salad at Marcello’s a couple of days ago.

It was quiet, eight o’clock is probably early for a Greek-Cypriot taverna. It soon filled up, though not packed, it was very busy.

Although busy, Nicolas Tavern was not as busy as in the past or as busy as I would expect on a Sunday.

Hotels all-inclusive, is having a devastating impact on local businesses and damaging the local economy.

It is time the government got its act together and outlawed all-inclusive.

Nicolas Tavern is also being hit by fake reviews on TripAdvisor.

Nicolas Tavern, is a traditional Greek-Cypriot taverna, more or less opposite Capo Bay Beach Hotel, at the Ayia Napa end of Protaras.

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