Mass closure of Lincolnshire Libraries

Mass closure of libraries in Lincolnshire planned, slash £2 million from the libraries budget and close two thirds of Lincolnshire’s libraries.

Over 2000 sign a petition to say no, several hundred in one of the largest protests ever seen in Lincoln say no.

There has been no public consultation on this mass closure. Please complete the survey, which has no option for No Closures!

Like all councils, Lincolnshire has a statutory obligation to provide a “comprehensive and efficient” library service (Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964). These cuts would leave the county without a comprehensive service, and the most deprived rural and coastal areas of Lincolnshire would be hardest hit.

County Councillor Nick Worth has shown nothing but arrogant conempt for the local communities who will be devasted by library closures.

On the other hand, money can be found for County Councillors to get their snouts stuck firmly in the trough.


One Response to “Mass closure of Lincolnshire Libraries”

  1. keithpp Says:

    ‘The price of libraries is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation’
    View at

    Philistine councillors support mass closure of Lincolnshire Libraries

    Letters to Lincolnshire Echo on library closures

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