Garden Party at Old Vicarage

old Bentley

old Bentley

tea party

tea party

sunken garden

sunken garden

garden pond

garden pond

Louella And The Red Horizon

Louella And The Red Horizon

I was in Farnham for the Church fête, mid-September a strange time to hold a summer fête.

Information was wrong, not four o’clock, but 3-30. Buy the time I got there, nothing there.

Same thing happened last year, a lovely day, and they packed up.

Not a lovely day today, they were lucky it did not rain.

But, I did find Jenny hard at work in the kitchen. I was pleased I found her, as I had left two books for her and never knew if she found them. Yes, she had and thanked me.

I was going to go for a walk in Bishop’s Meadow, instead went to a garden party in the lovely garden of the Old Vicarage, which ironically was being used to raise money for Bishop’s Meadow.

Lots of stalls, lovely Indian food, and an amazing collection of cups, saucers and teapots that would have done justice to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Beyond a ditch crossed by a bridge, a wild garden, with a pond, a huge bonfire ready to set light to, and beyond that the River Wey.

I raised getting Village Green status for Bishop’s Meadow. Apparently this has been looked into, the family that sold the land has placed a restrictive covenant. I suggested talk to Richard Buxton, maybe it can be overturned or circumnavigated.

The value of ancient meadow land is the lack of use of chemicals. Safe herbicide is an oxymoron. Herbicide has been used to clear ragwort and brambles. Close to the River Wey and the meadow is a flood meadow. The meadow was mown this summer, willows have been pollarded, future plans are put cattle to graze on the meadow.

The Indian food served was real Indian food, prepared by an Indian family, not what is found in Indian restaurants. I suggested Curries from Home contacted Godalming Town Council to run a stall at Staycation Live music festival next year. There is no excuse for the rubbish food they had this year.

Excellent music from Louella and the Red Horizon, Eden Blacklist and RedDog.

I suggested soundcloud for tracks and work in progress, bandcamp for albums. All three would be great for Staycation Live next year.

After it turned dark, the huge bonfire was lit. I assumed it was for bonfire night, but I was told no.

I looked in on The Barn.

Bus to Aldershot, then another bus. When I alighted, I could not believe how cold it was.


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