Lunch and afternoon tea at Café Mila

Café Mila

Café Mila

Café Mila

Café Mila





carrot cake and cappuccino

carrot cake and cappuccino

I had intended lunch at Café Mila, wander around Godalming then pop back later for afternoon tea, but things never turn out as planned.

Excellent mushroom soup. I did not though like the soft bap. Usually I have excellent bread. I ought to have asked, where is the usual bread?

Stuffed aubergine and a little greenery. It was stuffed with curried vegetables. I did not think this would work as would overpower the aubergine. It was a very mild curry. Yes, it did work, but I think I prefer their usual stuffing.

I had intended to go for a walk and pop back, but I had offered sometime ago to help set up a Café Mila blog, and so we went upstairs (where it was quieter) and we soon had up and running a Café Mila blog.

Nothing there yet, other than a welcome, but basically it is watch this space. It will be used for events, news etc, which will reach a wider audience than using facebook. Instead of posting on facebook, post on blog and link from facebook and also tweet.

It was then too late to go for a walk, and so I stayed and had a cappuccino and carrot cake. The two do not really go together, I should have had carrot cake and a mug of tea.

Café Mila is an indie coffee shop, which means that unlike fake indie coffee shop Harris + Hoole aka Tesco in Guildford, they are free to innovate, listen to their customers and take on board what they say.

They have added a fridge unit for cold drinks. Personally I do not like, as it ruins their display, and no longer room for a table and chairs or as it was a sofa. Even less that it contains Coke, even worse Coca-Cola.

They have had a lot of stick over introduction of Coke. Discerning clientèle in Café Mila.

Anyone who wonders why not Coke, read Belching Out the Devil.

Coke is overpriced sugary fizzy water. It is very bad for you. The only time to drink Coke is when feeling very sick, cannot keep anything down and at risk of dehydration, then OK, but otherwise no.

I suggested a Fairtrade Coke, and I suggested speak with Paul at The Triangle in Farnborough, as I know he did manage to source a Fairtrade Coke.

But why Coke? The reason it has been introduced, is because kids ask for it. On the other hand many parents take their kids to Café Mila because it is not Costa or Starbucks, or God forbid McDonald’s. If kids ask for a Coke, suggest something else, maybe even let them try a fruit juice.

In Istanbul I had fresh crushed pomegranate juice.

After school activities are starting for kids. I suggested why not try what Bom-Bane’s does in Brighton. They offer a safe place for kids to go after school and before gong home (kids have to get parental permission first). They get a meal, somewhere to do their school work, and there are tutors on hand to help them.

A win win for everyone. The kids have somewhere safe to go after school and before going home. The kids get something to eat, somewhere to study. For Café Mila it fills the slack period after lunch, after afternoon tea, and possibly keeps Café Mila open until six o’clock.

On the wall, two wonderful paintings of butterflies.

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  1. Barry Says:

    Fair Trade Cola

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