Two sets of paintings and prints.

One set, large landscapes, a man sowing, a couple walking, and a few others.

Icons, original paintings and much smaller prints.

One wall the original icons, the opposite wall much smaller prints.

It is interesting what a difference size makes in appearance.

The icons covered in glass, which does not show them at their best. The large landscapes were bare canvas, not in frames.

The landscapes would make marvelous postcards. The icons playing cards.

I say icons, as they are meant to be representative of Greek icons. Yes, if a flat portrait, but otherwise no, not unless Salvador Dali painted icons.

A couple of the icons were recognisable, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I (though it could equally as likely have been Mary Tudor).

But of the others, not recognisable at all, for example James, Thomas. Why Thomas as a clock, why did another have swastikas as eyes and wearing an Iron Cross, or another a CND symbol?

These were meant to be representative of the Last Summer as painted by Leonardo da Vinci. Really, in which case where was Mary Magdalene?

Iconostasis by Rob Green, an exhibition at the West End Centre in Aldershot 9-26 September 2013.

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