Warmest, sunniest, driest summer since 2006

After a long cold wet winter that never seemed to end, with so much rain having fallen that the ground was saturated and any further rain simply caused surface flow of water and localised flooding.

Followed by a very cold spring, that seemed to be a continuation of winter, that even by end of May, early June, it was still like winter.

We then had the warmest, sunniest, driest summer since 2006.

July saw nineteen continuous days where the temperature was 28C or higher, several days over 30C.

A couple of cooler days at the end of July, then 1 August, the hottest day of the year, over 34C.

The last day of August, first day of September, cool, then as of the beginning of this week, Monday and Tuesday, once again very warm and sunny, but sadly expected to end by the weekend with cooler, wetter weather.

Weather, the noise on climate.

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