Afternoon tea at Glutton & Glee

afternoon tea Glutton & Glee

afternoon tea Glutton & Glee

I was not sure if open, or closing early, but I thought if I went for a walk first, I would find closed.

Luckily they were open. Sunday afternoon they close five o’clock, same as in the week.

I had a pot of tea, a lovely granola bar, about twice the size of Harris + Hoole (which look as though from M&S), plus their version of a zinger.

As it was hot indoors, I sat in their tiny courtyard out the back (room for all of two tables).

What I had was excellent, albeit at £8, a little pricey.

I then wondered to though Castle Grounds, thinking I would sit there a read a little of Manuscript Found in Accra, though no sooner did I get there, than it started to rain.

By the time it stopped, it was too late. I wandered off down to St Saviour’s, where Canon Andrew White was giving the sermon.

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