The Arcade boarded-up

The Arcade boarded up

The Arcade boarded-up

As of last week, The Arcade has been boarded-up. Or at least that is the impression to anyone in Wellington Street. Nothing to say the other entrance is open. How many people are going to walk round to find out?

I did, to find you can a walk part-way through, but no further. I met people walking in, then walking back out, annoyed to find the short cut they have always used is blocked off.

Unlawful obstruction of a public right of way? Yes, if this way through, used since the original Victorian Arcade was built, has the status of a public right of way.

Last year a developer bought The Arcade with the intention of trashing it. Half the retailers were given six months notice to quit. Planners tried to force plans through on behalf of the developer, but were thwarted by councillors who for once showed some backbone and said no. It went to Appeal where it was lost. But why were objectors not notified of the Appeal, as it was their right to present their evidence to the Public Inquiry, and to cross-examine the developer?

Why is it now boarded-up? The Council advised the developer to board it up as its would save them £12,000 per month in business rates. Should the council be giving such advice? Yet another example of the council acting for developers not local businesses.

It is in the interest of the developer to board up one entrance, as with no passing trade, it will kill off the few remaining retailers.

One of these retailers suffered the same fate when in Farnborough and half the town centre was trashed. Now is suffering the same fate. Whereas one can feel sorry for the retailers, one feels less sorry when they make no attempt to fight what is happening.

The Arcade was earmarked for a Poundland and Wetherspoon pub, but when Wetherspoon saw the strength of public opposition, they pulled out. Wetherspoon are now trying to reopen the derelict Queen Hotel at the top end of Aldershot town centre.

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2 Responses to “The Arcade boarded-up”

  1. Tony Says:

    Apparently Wetherspoons have pulled out of purchasing the Queen Hotel so guess having won their appeal on the arcade this is where their new pub will be in Aldershot.

  2. keithpp Says:

    I do not not know where you have got the information re Wetherspoon and The Queens Hotel, but it is false.

    Wetherspoon has pulled out of The Arcade deal leaving the greedy developer high and dry.

    Wetherspoon in the last week or so, has applied for planning consent to demolish the outbuildings at The Queen Hotel and replace the outbuildings.

    See also the front page of today’s Aldershot News for the impact the boarding-up is having on the few remaining retailers.

    Also see inside today’s Aldershot News where there is a very good letter from the Aldershot Civic Society. The Aldershot Civic Society puts to shame the Farnborough Society.

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