Lunch at Malinggo Nepalese Restaurant



I was passing by and looked in, thinking I had not seen this Nepalese restaurant before. I asked, was they new? Yes, opened on Tuesday, two days ago.

I asked to look at the menu, but said I did not wish to eat. Not being able to make much sense of the menu, and having difficulty reading it due to the poor light, I took it outside. I sought advice from a couple of Nepalese women passing by.

With their help, I zeroed in on two choices, strips of dried meat fried or stuffed dumplings.

What appeared to be a wide choice on the menu, was in reality quite small, variations on a theme.

sukuti – fried dried strips of meat
momos – stuffed dumplings, steamed or fried
thukpa – noodle soup

Plus curries, naan bread, pizzas and chips

I asked could I have the strips of dried meat and one dumpling. I was told no, I had to have ten dumplings. Odd, as I was asked how many dumplings did I want. Why they could not do only one, I do not know.

I was told 10-15 minutes wait. A good sign, as at least it meant the food was freshly prepared.

Whilst waiting, I took in my surroundings, still smelling of fresh paint, plus the awful smell of balloons (to which some people could have a bad reaction).

The gents toilet lacked soap, and difficult to get in an out the door due to rubbish piled behind the door.

Awful pop music blaring out.

I was the only customer, until a few young Nepalese men came in, seemingly mates of those running the place. They were very noisy and ill-mannered.

My food came, all wrapped up as a takeaway. I had not asked for a takeaway, and was sat at a table.

I asked for a plate. I thought I was being ignored. Then a stone cold plate arrived.

My choice was mutton sukuti. It came with a little bit of salad and some very hard flakes, I had no idea what these were. As the Nepalese women I had spoken to said, I find very chewy. Portion size was that of a starter.

When I paid, I asked what the hard flakes were. I was told rice flakes.

Price, £4-45, with 10% opening offer, £4.

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