Steve Lawson talks about music

Interview Steve Lawson gave to Irish Radio Station RTE.

As always, interesting points raised.

If you have a love of music, enjoy playing music, then play what you enjoy, master your art, do not confuse with being a a No 1 hit or celebrity status. That is like basing your life on wanting to win the lottery.

Free downloads, no. Instead think of zero cost transactions.

In the good old days of CDs, you might have run off dozens, if not hundreds of promo copies of CDs. Did anyone listen to them? Probably not. They did though make a hole in your pocket.

On the other hand, every time someone shares your music on bandcamp, it goes with a recommendation, and it has not cost you a thing, apart from the time and effort putting it there.

What is music worth? What value can you put on a piece of music that sends shivers down the spine or brings tears to your eyes?

So obvious, and yet why can so few see?

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