Newcastle United sponsored by Wonga

Wonga: Sinking their teeth into the North East

Wonga: Sinking their teeth into the North East

Payday loan companies are the scourge of modern society. They are a the flip side of the ConDem government imposed austerity measures, the cuts to benefits. As people on low and shrinking incomes get ever more desperate, they are forced into the hands of payday loan companies.

The other scourge of modern society gambling.

Both are being heavily advertised on TV.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was right to declare war on payday loan companies and to say he wished to see these companies driven out of business.

Wonga is a payday loan company. It charges an annual interest rate of in excess of 5000% APR. And no, that is not a typo.

Wonga donates to the Tory Party so do not expect government action any day soon on payday loan companies.

Wonga sponsor Newcastle United. The team shirts, that sucker fans buy, will be emblazoned with Wonga, thus turning them into walking billboards for a payday loan shark company.

For Newcastle United to accept sponsorship from Wonga is to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

No one though should be surprised. Newcastle United is owned by Mike Ashley, the billionaire owner of Sports Direct, the company that employs 9 out of 10 of its staff on zero hours contacts, the very people who will be desperate for payday loans.

For Wonga, the sponsorship deal is a good deal, as it will mean walking billboards in the deprived North East, a fertile breeding ground for payday loans companies.

And it is not only out of desperation people turn to payday loan companies. No ready cash for getting pissed out of ones brain on the weekend, well ready cash is easily available from payday loan companies.

Want to be a mug and wear a Wonga team shirt. Why not buy on loan with a couple of clicks, get Wonga to loan you the money.

Need a season ticket, starting prices for adults a mere £530. Well no worries if cannot afford it, Wonga will come to the rescue. And just too make it easy, the Wonga logo is there for you to click on.

Shame on the players who wear the Wonga shirts, shame on the fans who wear the Wonga shirts.

Shame too the local rag, not a bleat of criticism. And why not? Because they too are in a cheap sordid deal with Wonga.

Sponsorship of Newcastle United by Wonga takes football and its exploitation of fans to a new low.

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