Jamie Oliver shows what goes into industrial burgers

Most people think meat comes from a supermarket, ready packaged. They forget, meat comes from animals.

Using a live cow, Jamie Oliver shows the various cuts. He then shows the leftovers, what a butcher would pay to have taken away, it is this leftover, known in the trade as pink slime, that after being centrifuged and washed in ammonia, goes into industrial burgers.

Not only burgers, we have the same with chicken nuggets, the disgusting bits.

USDA allows this unfit for human consumption pink slime, washed in bleach, to enter the human food chain.

This is what parents feed their kids when they take them to junk food outlets, buy cheap processed food from a supermarket, assuming of course they are not buying horsemeat.

Too few people question what goes into their food. Maybe they should

If you eat meat, only buy from a quality butcher who can tell you which animal and where the animal has come from.

Warning: This is pretty disgusting to watch, you may throw up. Show your kids, then ask them do they want to go to McVomit?

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