Border Agency Police stop people at Kensal Green Station for looking foreign

Border Agency Police stop people for looking foreign

Border Agency Police stop people for looking foreign

This is so ludicrous it is laughable. Border Agency Police are stopping people at Kensal Green Station for looking foreign. It is also probably a race relations offence.

If the Police are going to stop people in London for looking foreign, they are going to be stopping most of the population of London.

Why not stop people for having a funny accent or not speaking English properly? If the latter, you would have to arrest most of the natives for offences against the English language.

What we are seeing is a farce to try and hide the fact we have no effective Immigration Policy.

Anther farce is vans cruising around London asking illegal immigrants to turn themselves in.

Why not have vans asking burglars and rapists to turn themselves in?

Aldershot and Farnborough are being flooded with unwanted Nepalese. That is not to criticise the small hard working Nepalese population who have been there for some time, but the recent flood of parasites who are here for what they can get, who lack any manners, who spit and shit in the street. Flower tubs had to be removed from Farnborough town centre because they were being used as public toilets.

We have bogus students. We even have bogus students who use their course acceptance to get into the country and are never seen again.

It is yet another of David Cameron’s dumb ideas to cover up the reality of doing nothing to resolve the core problem. Another example is telling search engines not to use certain search terms, whilst cutting the policing budget for child protection.

Note: Picture courtesy of Save Kensal Rise Library and thanks to Bianca Jagger for drawing it to my attention.

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  1. tearsofbloodinmyheart Says:

    Hi I’m new to your page, very interesting read ….i came here for Protaras blogs originally but i digress, have you watched the Naomi Wolf lectures? i know they’re about the US but the same political environment is being cutivated here in the UK you may find them interesting

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