Westival Friday night

Westival Friday night

Westival indoor lawn

Westival indoor lawn

Westival is a summer music festival that runs at the West End Centre in Aldershot, Friday evening through to Saturday evening.

Sadly I only had time to stick my head in, have a quick look round.

Two acts worth seeing, John with his band, who runs the amazing John’s Jam at the Old Ford in North Camp and Mike Dawes.

John had already played, and so I missed him. We sat outside and had a chat.

Mike Dawes was playing later, and so I missed him too. Had I seen Mike, I would have had a chat with him.

I mentioned The Tumbledown Dick to John, and he said he would spread the word.

Laying grass, seemed a tad over the top.

The security was certainly over the top and well out of order. Security should know how to diffuse a situation, calm the situation down, not cause a situation.

It is totally unacceptable when a fat female security person, goes up to someone having conversation, and demands they remove themselves elsewhere, says she does not like their attitude and accuses them of being aggressive. The only one being aggressive was the fat security woman.

Sadly there were many incidents like this, which cast a shadow over an otherwise well run festival, and well done to Barney for that.

Next year, please do not engage this security company, assuming security is actually necessary.

A lovely warm day, is not really when you wish to be indoors for a music festival, though Westival had far more people than the Aldershot Live Music Day, a reflection that it was far better organised, with better music.

For next year, it would be a good idea to have the bandstand say from midday until early evening, then continue indoors in the evening. This would make Westival far more visible, would then lead to more people in the evening, although I do not think they had any problems selling tickets

The West End Centre is a cultural oasis in the otherwise culural desert of Aldershot.

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