Aldershot Live Music Day

Last year, I arrived after it had finished. This year I got there mid afternoon, and wished I had not, it was dire.

Posters only went up two days before. All I can say on that, is better than last year when only went up in the morning.

Why a stage at Westgate (or Wastegate as local retailers call it)? If the purpose of the music day is to bring people into the town, then there should not be a stage at Westgate.

The number of people in town seemed no different to any other Saturday, ie not many. The exception was the bandstand.

The people playing, or at least those I saw, were dire.

And why hold same day as the West End Centre has a music festival?

One free music festival to give a miss to.

One Response to “Aldershot Live Music Day”

  1. keithpp Says:

    What a pleasure to go to Staycation Live Music festival the following weekend.

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