Afternoon in Farnham

I thought there was a Country Fayre in Bishop’s Meadow to celebrate getting the hay in. I must have got the dates wrong, as nothing.

I looked in the William Cobbett. I was told by John of John’s Jam whilst I was at Westival that Cobbstock was on. I was between acts, so I do not know what it was like, but two years ago it was very good. I could not stay, as I thought I was abut to miss the last of the Country Faye in Bishop’s Meadow.

In the absence of a fayre, I walked around the hay meadow.

Walking back into the town, I found the Parish Church was closed, and it was not yet 5-30pm. I hope they have not reverted back to bad habits, closing the church early.

late lunch at The Barn.

The weather broke. End of the hot spell? We have seen 19 consecutive days when it has been 28C or hotter.

Heavy rain, and much cooler. I was soaked to the skin.

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