Firgrove Parade: Bride Hall press release

Bride Hall gets go-ahead for Farnborough hotel

Save Firgrove Parade

Save Firgrove Parade

Save Firgrove Parade

Save Firgrove Parade

Bride Hall secured planning consent for the development of an 80 bed Premier Inn hotel and Beefeater restaurant on the 19th June. Plans were submitted earlier this year for a new hotel and restaurant in Farnborough Town Centre as well as the provision of new retail and residential space. The plans secured unanimous approval at Rushmoor Borough Council’s planning committee on the 19th and are due to start on site early in 2014.

Nick Desmond, Managing Director of Bride Hall Holdings, said:

“Our plans are positive news for Farnborough and I am delighted Farnborough’s councillors have backed our commitment to the town. The scheme will pump millions into the local economy, create new opportunities for many, and contribute to the town’s long-term success. We will work swiftly to deliver the benefits.”

“Our plans for the redevelopment of Firgrove Parade are in line with council planning policy and will bring many long-term benefits to the town. The new Premier Inn hotel and Beefeater restaurant will create new jobs and encourage more people to stay overnight in Farnborough town centre, boosting the local economy. Firgrove Parade needs fresh investment and our plans will revamp the existing units into modern retail and residential accommodation and create an attractive entrance into Farnborough town centre. It is exciting news for the town.”

When ever I hear the name Bride Hall, I think of a brooding Gothic mansion, in a low budget Gothic horror film, with Nick Desmond as the evil ugly twisted bastard holed up in the house.

Contrary to the wild claims by Nick Desmond, Bride Hall is not pumping millions into the local economy. He clearly has no understanding of the workings or function of a local economy.

A local economy is all the monetary exchanges that take place within a local economy. A vibrant local economy is money circulating within the local economy.

A Beefeater Grill and a Premier Inn hotel, both owned by Whitbread (who also own Costa) will drain money out of the economy.

Nor is Bride Hall investing millions into Farnborough. Building an unwanted Beefeater Grill and Premier Inn hotel is not investing in Farnborough, it is Bride Hall out to make a fast buck throwing up an eyesore.

Investing in Farnborough would be to build a swimming pool or an arts centre.

Bride Hall in Farnborough is not positive news for Farnborough. That is why people want Bride Hall to sling their hook. Bride Hall may have the council in their pocket, they have not bought the people.

How will it create opportunities for many? A handful of low paid jobs for immigrants. Loss of trade for local hotels and B&Bs.

The plans are not good for the local economy, the plans will drain money out of the local economy.

Having seen St Modwen with the help of council collusion, trash the town centre, it is now the turn of Bride Hall to trash the town centre.

It will not be an attractive entrance into the town centre, an entrance to a service road. The ugly 80-bedroom hotel will be an eyesore on the northern edge of the town centre. It will destroy the only remaining trees and green space in the town centre.

The retail development will destroy four existing businesses: an Indian restaurant that has a good reputation and is very popular locally, a long established photographic shop that has been over fifty years in business, over twenty years on this location, a Nepalese general store that has already been forced out of business, and a newly established barber shop, the only one in town and already acquiring a good reputation.

Plans for these developments were submitted earlier this year. Long before that, behind closed doors, Bride Hall have been doing grubby little deals to ensure their plans get pushed through including quashing of a restrictive covenant that would have stopped their development going ahead.

The development is as exciting as squandering a million pounds repaving Queensmead.

Bride Hall is a slum landlord. They have neglected Firgrove Parade and let it fall into poor state of repair.

Bride Hall own The Tumbledown Dick just around the corner. It was a very popular live music venue. It has been closed and boarded up for several years. It is now in a very poor state of repair. The local Council should be serving enforcement notices, but they would not of course wish to offend their developer friends.

Bride Hall are trying to demolish The Tumbledown Dick and turn it into an unwanted Drive-Thru McDonald’s.

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