Late afternoon in Farnham

I set off so late, that I did not arrive in Farnham until around 5pm.

I decided to travel by train, rather then bus. But having walked down from the station, through Gostrey Meadow, the bus I would have caught passed me by. Had I walked into the town, I would have got there quicker by bus, even though the bus and train set off at the same time, at least I assume they did if the bus was on time. But it was a hot day, and travel by train is the pleasant option.

I sat for a few minutes in the shade of a tree in the churchyard, then walked into the church. Prayer card writ, but no candle lit, as no candles.

I walked out the graveyard, along the path to Bishop’s Meadow. As I walked out of the churchyard, I stopped to admire one of their magnificent yew trees.

I wonder why churchyards have old yews? Maybe one of the few places they have the peace and quiet and time to grow.

The hay has been cut, and collected. Some of the grass has been left standing. I assume to leave a little area for flora and fauna.

I had a chat with an elderly couple who told me a little of the history of the meadows.

They said the hay had only been cut the last three years, that prior to then it had not been cut for thirty years. They also told me of a Circus in the meadows, the elephants going to the river for water.

Of the pollarded willows, two weeks ago the cut branches were visible, one week ago visible, today a mass of new branches growing.

Late lunch at The Barn.

I had a return ticket, I could have caught a train, but as it meant walking to the station, then waiting half and hour for a bus at Aldershot, and as the bus stop is outside The Barn, I decided to catch the bus.

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