Dinner at the Tilly Shilling

burger and chips

burger and chips

A burger is not what I would normally eat, but decided that is what I would have.

So far everything I have eaten at the Tilly Shilling has come with a free pint, and Friday night was no exception.

Friday afternoon last week, Monday afternoon, and Friday night, I had a blond beer. Each time it was a different blond beer on the same hand pump.

I expected a burger in a bun, maybe a few chips, maybe even a soggy lettuce leaf.

I was quite surprised when it came. 6oz burger, rashers of bacon cheese, tomato, all somehow sandwiched between two halves of a bun, plus chips and a few onion rings fried in batter.

The burger was to my pleasant surprise quite tasty. But very very filling. Even though I had not eaten all day and this had originally intended to be late lunch, it was now gone 10pm and I was famished, and I was struggling with the last mouthfuls.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the Tilly Shilling. I have eaten there four times in the last few weeks, and each time the food has been quite good. Not what I expect in a Wetherpoon. The food in Guildford is awful. The one exception has been breakfast at the Wetherspoon at Gatwick Airport.

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