NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake speaks at National Press Club

Edward Snowden is not the only NSA whistleblower. Another is Thomas Drake.

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One Response to “NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake speaks at National Press Club”

  1. maggieannthoeni Says:

    Thanks for this – listened to at least half then my system crashed (a different story) so will get back to it later.

    I’m curious – do you have a ‘sense’ of any groundswell of enthusiasm for whistle-blowers generally? If so – age related? I’m in the retired group but keep looking for signs the complacency of older generations will be replaced by their remembering all the noble ideas we were encouraged as kids to take to heart!

    I think factors of our consumer culture (‘mcdreams’, worship of fame/wealth, and debt) help keep everyone in check.

    A related but deeper psychological factor also, IMO, is that human societies naturally encourage ‘co-dependent’ behavior (unable to challenge due to possible loss of inclusion in ones group – some very deep insecurities rooted in early infant vulnerability and survival needs).

    A cheer-up to me to catch your post! Was a little disappointed at the ‘polite applause’ at the end of his firm-toned talk.

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