Police State USA: Police cuff man then kill his dog

Tragic, police handcuff a man for filming them, then kill his dog.

Warning: This is deeply disturbing to watch.

Note: It is legal to film the police.

The dog did what any dog would do. He went to the rescue of his friend who he saw was being manhandled by the police.

3 Responses to “Police State USA: Police cuff man then kill his dog”

  1. leahgraceobrien Says:

    This is deeply disturbing. I seriously anything like this would happen in wealthy neighborhoods. America is increasingly turning into a chilling police state.

  2. Mark Says:

    I do not blame the police officers, the person was obvious had a agenda when he was filming as others watch him act stupid walking back and forth with the dog taking pictures why police are trying to do their job, it became very obvious the man with the dog was instigating the police and encouraging competition.
    We do not know what led up to the man taken it upon himself to videotape. It appears the vehicle pulled over and stopped judging from where the vehicle is parked he really didn’t have any business being there. 2 wrongs do not make a right.
    But I believe it is the dog owner’s responsibility to keep the dog out of harms way.
    Number 1 he should have not been walking his dog in an aggressive manner.
    Number 2 when he put his dog away he should’ve properly rolled up the Windows and tied off the leash so the dog could not escape.
    Number 3 he should have got in his car and left he had no reason to be getting so close.

    As far as the police officers,
    they did not immediately defend themselves they held back,
    I give them credit for that,
    number 2 on the police officer’s side, once the dog gets within a certain distance snaps and barks, he’s only a owner’s command away from attacking,
    the police officer held back in a responsible way before he shot/
    number 3 in the police officers Defense this neighborhood does not appear to be a safe neighborhood and the police officers had quite a few things occupying them and guaranteeing they respond to those issues 1st
    this puts the police officers in unsafe position pulling them away from their 1st objective.
    In the police officers defense and is hard for them to know connections and how involved their original situation is and how it may relate to this new situation.
    Yes the police officer didn’t arrest him very quickly and immediately. But that was more for his safety guaranteeing. He keeps the situation under control at any time the handcuffs can be released at the discretion of the police officer. Once he has the situation under control. But as you see things can escalate very quickly and it’s very important for the police officers. To have things under control.

  3. keithpp Says:

    It is legal to film the police. The police acted in a very aggressive manner, manhandled the man, handcuffed him. At no time does the man act in an aggressive manner of attack or threaten the police.

    In view of how the police reacted, the reaction of the dog is not surprising.

    To blame the man is ridiculous. He took the trouble to put his dog in the car, safely out of the way.

    You do not put a dog in a car with the windows closed.

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