St Mary’s Church

St Mary's candle

St Mary’s candle

St Mary's old Bible

St Mary’s old Bible

St Mary’s in Quarry Street in Guildford is an Anglo-Saxon church. From its tower, was sighted the Norman invaders.

The main name for fame of St Mary’s, apart from being the oldest church in Guildford, is that it where Lewis Carroll would occasionally preach. His sisters lived in a house around the corner.

I was pleased to find St Mary’s open, as it is rarely open, but today was farmers market and farmers market is one of those rare occasion when if lucky, it can be found open.

I wanted to light a candle, but no candles. For some reason, for which I have never been able to find a satisfactory answer, there are never matches. I spoke with a lady. She went off in search and came back with a box of matches. But I was asked to return to her and not leave with the candles.

I came across a very old Bible, that I had not seen before.

Later in the day, I was able to pick up an illustrated copy of Alice in Wonderland.

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