Hard work in the garden

compost heap

compost heap

When grass gets too long to mow, there is no choice other than hard work cutting with a pair of hand shears, unless of course you have a scythe.

Every day or so, weather and time permitting, a little more of the long grass gets cut.

Today also cut back some of the undergrowth.

I did not know when I pruned back the roses, but whenever it was, it was the wrong time of year, as I see roses in flower everywhere, but not in my garden, though I do see I have a rose bud forming.

Peas and broad beans overgrown with weeds. Not a lot I can do, as to pull up the weeds, would pull up the peas and beans. I encountered the same problem last year

French beans were planted weeks ago. No sign of them. I can only assume too cold.

Of sweet corn planted around the same time, maybe half has grown.

Early June I bought runner beans. Only today have I got around to sowing. A little bit late, but had I sown earlier, probably would have suffered same fate as runner beans.

Runner beans variety Scarlet Emperor sowed by lattice fence


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