Farnham Carnival 2013

tea tent

tea tent

cooling off in the River Wey

cooling off in the River Wey

locally grown produce

locally grown produce

relaxing on the banks of the River Wey

relaxing on the banks of the River Wey

Mad Hatter's tea party

Mad Hatter’s tea party

I was at Farnham Carnival a couple of years ago, Then it was in Castle Street and quite good, certainly worth making the effort to attend again. A big stage at the top of the street with straw bales to sit on and lower down the street, an acoustic stage where I saw Mike Dawes and Amy Turk play.

I was in Farnham for the afternoon and had forgotten it was carnival today, last Saturday of June.

This year it was held in Gostrey Meadow. Had I gone to Castle Street, I would have assumed it was not on, though maybe there were signs (not that I saw any).

Gostrey Meadow was packed. Either Farnham Carnival has got bigger or Gostrey Meadow is not big enough.

A disappointment compared with a couple of years ago, and very big disappointment compared with Staycation Live in Godalming.

Tacky food stalls, beer stall selling commercial brands eg Carlsberg, the music was not good and badly distorted.

I was none too happy seeing food served in polystyrene boxes, especially as they were blowing around on the banks of the river and no one was clearing up. Indeed there was rubbish all over. I spoke to one of the festival organisers saying there was no excuse for the use of polystyrene boxes and they should be using biodegradable boxes. He was an ignorant idiot, bloody rude, did not want to know. He said they were commercial stalls (which summed them up). I said they are the organisers and should set standards.

Staycation is a Town Council event in Godalming and they take a pride in what they are doing, quality food, local suppliers and good music. A complete different atmosphere to Farnham. Farnham Carnival is organised by the Lions. Says it all really.

Across the river a house had a Mad hatters Party.

The one thing I was very impressed with, teaching young kids First Aid.

The best entertainment was a couple of dogs leaping into the river after a tennis ball. One of the dogs then dived through a man’s legs and tried to steal his food. He was not amused and sat there with a sour face.

Farnham Carnival takes place in Farnham on the last Saturday of June.

Top Story in Digital Mission Daily (Monday 1 July 2013).

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