Farnham Carnival Parade 2013

Farnham Carnival Parade

Farnham Carnival Parade

It should have started at six and gone on until seven. It did not start until nearly seven.

An extremely irritating man on the tannoy.

Compared with a couple of years ago the procession was poor, compared with the Grand Parade that ends the Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz very poor.

In Puerto de la Cruz, they used to have bigflat bed lorries, now trailers pulled by tractor units, sound systems blasting out, dancing in the street.

The carnival was led by a couple of vintage cars.

In Puerto de la Cruz flat beds with sound systems, followed by hundreds dancing. In Farnham a 4×4, a trailer and a dozen or so trying to dance.

Where are the samba bands. You cannot have a carnival procession without samba bands.

Sat by me was a little girl with beautiful goldilocks curls. She had with her a little bear, it was photographed with the carnival as the backdrop. It reminded me of my Japanese friend Mio. I asked. The little bear did not belong to the little girl. It belonged to her school. Each weekend a different child takes the bear out on an adventure and records where the bear has been.

The Carnival Parade is part of the Farnham Carnival which takes place in Farnham on the last Saturday of June

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