Little acts of kindness

Take it upon yourself where you live to make people around you joyful and full of hope — Nelson Mandela

Little acts of kindness restore our faith in humanity. Not only that, they tend to be contagious.

Johnny a nineteen year old with Downs Syndrome packs bags in a supermarket. He wondered what could he do to make the lives of people a little better. He came up with he idea of dropping a Thought for The Day in each bag he packed. He got his father to print them off. When he could not a find a Thought for the Day he liked, he made it up. The net result was the queue at his checkout got longer. This did not please the store manager who tried to move the shoppers into another queue. But they refused to move, they wanted their Thought for the Day.

What to do with broken flowers, that would normally be thrown away? Why not pin them on little girls and elderly ladies, make their day.

Rebecca is a checkout girl in the 99p store in Aldershot. After her shift had finished, she helped a disabled lady pack her bags. I’m doing voluntary work she told those who tried to use her checkout and advised them to go to another checkout.

Little acts of kindness do not seem to go down well with everyone. Rebecca was bullied by a workplace bully for her act of kindness. But the bully did not get away with it. He was accosted by a customer, the company was alerted. 99p stores, to their credit, have zero tolerance to workplace bullying. The following day, an area manager visited the store and the workplace bully was out on his ear.

A colleague of Rebecca was nearing the end of his shift. As he was almost at the end of his shift, he offered to accompany to their car when his shift ended a customer who was struggling with their shopping.

Tika is a Nepalese checkout girl in M&S in Aldershot. She always has a smile, a word to say, to customers. A genuine smile, not a corporate painted on your face plastic smile.

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