Disgusting First Great Western trains

I wonder how long it is going to be before First Great Western provide clean trains, with soap, with running water, with doors that lock?

So far this month every First Great Western train I have caught the toilets have been in a disgusting condition. Today was no exception, no running water on the 1502 Reading to Redhill slow train. One the three-coach trains, there used to be two toilets, on the recently refurbished trains there is now only one toilet. Year on year, we see a twice the rate of inflation rise in train fares for a deteriorating service. At the very least we expect to find celan functioning toilets.

So far this week, First Great Western have had to take at least two trains out of service on health and safety grounds. One because the locks did not work (on the train doors, not the toilet doors), another because the lights were not working.

What is deeply disturbing is that First Great Western has instructed its guards not to take trains out of service on health and safety grounds.

Lack of soap or water or both in the toilets is not a trivial matter. We now have bacteria that are resistant to all antibiotics. One of which is e.coli. A situation not helped by companies like First Great Western who are helping to spread disease.

Soap is very effective at destroying bacteria, it breaks down the cell walls, as does the physical action of washing hands.

The matter was drawn to the attention of the guard who will file a report. Will anything be done? If my experience this month is anything to go by, no.

It is time for both Rail Regulator and the Health and Safety Executive to take action and hit First Great Western with a massive fine.

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3 Responses to “Disgusting First Great Western trains”

  1. karmami Says:

    Their service should be suspended immediately. . there is no excuse for these unsanitary practices or lack of it

  2. keithpp Says:

    I agree, trains should be pulled out of service.

    I am tempted to do that, and First Great Western would be hit with a big fine for failing to maintain the service,and it is only going to be hit with big fines that is going to force them to act.

    But I am reluctant to do so. The reason why is that it is going to inconvenience passengers, they are going to miss their train. But even worse, as this is the Reading-Gatwick line, passengers are going to be at risk of missing their flights.

  3. keithpp Says:

    It is not only First Great Western, Southwest Trains are also running trains with disgusting toilets.


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