A Commonplace Killing

London 1946

By VE Day crime levels had doubled to what they were on the same day at the start of war in 1939.

Women had gained an independence, were taken out by soldiers and airmen with time on their hands. When their husbands and boyfriends returned from the war, those that did return, the women did not wish to go back to their humdrum prewar existence.

Rationing, shortages, had created a black market in hard to find items, for those who were willing to pay.

Very slow, not a lot happens, but of value for the picture it paints as London comes out of the war.

Written by Sian Busby, late wife of Robert Preston.

BBC demonstrate their usual crass stupidity, each 15-minute episode only held on-line for 7 days, which means the first episodes vanish before the last episodes are broadcast. For episode one, less than 24 hours if you wish to catch on-line and listen to.


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