‘Austerity’ is the Controlled Demolition of the Welfare State

The ConDem Government love a deficit (which they are making no attempts to cut) as it gives the excuse for Shock Therapy, slash and burn of public services, cut welfare to the poor and disadvantaged. Labour is not offering an alternative, to offer Tory-lite is not an alternative.

Scriptonite Daily


The breadth and depth of cuts in public sector jobs, pay and frontline services might lead some to believe that austerity exists and public spending is being reduced.  However, public spending is actually 4% higher today that in 2010.  We are not experiencing short term disruption to balance the books, we are experiencing the controlled demolition of the welfare state – transferring the UK from a social democracy to a corporate state.



Successive governments have dissolved the model of state owned schools, staffed by public sector employees.  Today, our children largely attend privately owned schools, where the majority of services in the schools are delivered by private sector staff.  The results have seen costs soar and quality plummet.

Academy Schools are publicly funded independent state schools (limited companies)– this means they receive their funding from central government and are accountable directly to central government, rather than…

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