Disgusting First Great Western trains

Today no toilet paper in the one and only toilet on the 1234 Reading-Gatwick train.

Yesterday the toilet was in a filthy condition.

On Tuesday there were many problems, lock on the door did not lock, only a dribble of water, no soap, an unpleasant smell.

This is totally unacceptable. Either First Great Western are failing to spend the money to clean the toilets or their contractors are not carrying out what they are paid to do. Either way, First Great Western are deliberately spreading disease throughout their trains.

One option is to force a train out of service on health and safety grounds. This would incur a massive fine for First Great Western. The only problem is, it would greatly inconvenience passengers, and as this is the Reading-Gatwick train, passengers could miss their flights.

I reported to the guard, he said he would file a report. But then I did this on Tuesday, and yet no action by First Great Western.

The three-coach Reading-Gatwick trains used to have two toilets, the refurbished trains have only one.

Year on year we see rail fares rise twice the rate of inflation, and this is the disgusting service we receive in return.

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2 Responses to “Disgusting First Great Western trains”

  1. Terry Says:

    is a toilet a legal necessity on a short distance train? just playing devils advocate as FGW may just decide to cut them completely if not.

  2. keithpp Says:

    What do you class as short distance?

    Reading to Gatwick is over an hour. You may have just got on the train and need a toilet.

    Yesterday (Sunday), FGW Reading to Gatwick, two toilets, one lacked soap, the other running water, both toilets were in a disgusting condition. The guard was informed, and said it was a regular problem.

    Yesterday a FGW train broke down in Wiltshire. The train was delayed by five and a half hours. Passengers reported the toilets were blocked.

    First Great Western area disgrace. It is long overdue for the regulator to step in and start hitting FGW with massive fines.

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