Lunch at Guildford YMCA

pork chop, chips, peas and parsnips

pork chop, chips, peas and parsnips

Lunch at the YMCA is very variable. It can be quite good, and can be pretty awful.

I was on my way to lunch at the Guildford Institute. I looked in the YMCA in case a friend was there. She wasn’t, but I decided to stay and have lunch.

I had a pork chop covered in sauce, with chips, peas and parsnips.

Nothing wrong with the pork chop. I did not though really enjoy it because my mind was on a salad at the Guildford Institute. My main reason for not going, was last week there was nothing left.

I had a yoghurt from a Sussex farm, Turner’s Dairies. It was not very good, and no better than mass produced factory yoghurt.

I decided to pop up to the Guildford Institute and have a sweet and a tea. The lady who usually does the food on a Friday was not there. I was pleased I did not eat there as what was on offer was not very appetising.

I had a tea and a flapjack. Neither was very good.

I made a mistake. I should have had lunch in the Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage.

There was though an interesting art exhibition, Local Light, which is worth a look at.

I popped in the Guildford Institute Library. Due to the building work taking place (which is wrecking the building), the library is not open until September.


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